It can be difficult to find the proper shoe inserts which is why custom orthotics are a popular choice!  Many benefits are usually realized after getting the first pair of orthotics that customers want to get more pairs for their other shoes.  At the Orthotic Shop, we make ordering additional pairs of orthotics simple and easy.  We offer free shipping and a discount of between 5-10% on custom orthotics purchased after the first pair (as long as they are for the same person).  We keep a scan of the impression on file so it is very fast to duplicate the orthotics already created for our customers.

Ordering is simple. Please choose one of the links below based on the type of custom made orthotics you currently have from us:

Amfit Orthotics

If you have Amfit / Archcrafters EVA or Carbon-Fiber (Stealth) Orthotics and purchased them from us, order here:

Re-Order Amfit & Archcrafters Orthotics

If you purchased them elsewhere, contact us first, as we will have to send you out a new impression kit.

Betterform Orthotics

If you previously purchased Betterform Orthotics from us, order them here:

Re-Order Betterform Custom Orthotics

As always, if you have any questions please contact us at contact @ and we will respond to you within 48 hours!

Note: If it has been over two years since you sent us your foot impression, please order a new kit as feet may change.