Outdoor and active sports enthusiasts can now slip into a sandal that has all the support and comfort of a Spenco’s performance insoles. Spenco Medical Company is launching its PolySorb® Total Support Performance Flip flops Spring 2010.

“We have had a number of consumers seeking a flip flop sandal with the same comfort and stability that our insoles provide,” said Dusty Williamson, Spenco Marketing Manager. “Our sandals are a great comfort piece to slide on right after a long run or workout – or for that matter, anywhere sandals can be worn.”

The “Spenco Flip Flops” are designed in a flip-flop style and offer the following features:

• A Total Support Cushioning System that absorbs shock and helps prevent over pronation.

• A PolySorb® Stability Cradle that provides advanced arch support and a deep heel cup for added stability.

• A soft strap and premium materials for long-lasting comfort and wear.

• An EVA surface that custom molds over time to conform to the unique shape of the wearer’s feet.

• A Metatarsal Arch Support, which offloads pressure from the ball of the foot to help relieve forefoot pain.

Spenco Total Support Sandals will be available in men’s sizes 7-13 in Granite (black/grey) and Redner (brown/orange); and women’s sizes 6-10 in Onyx (black/black) and Amanda (tan/pink)

Spenco Sandals for Women $39.95

Spenco Onyx - total support sandals

Spenco Sandals for Men $39.95

Spenco Granite - total support sandal for men Spenco Redner - Total Support Flip Flops

About Spenco Medical Corporation:

Spenco Medical Corporation was founded in 1967 by Dr. Wayman Spence, a renowned foot care specialist. For over 40 years, Spenco® has centered on revolutionary product development and superior service to differentiate itself in the outdoor, sports, foot care and medical markets. Spenco® Insoles – Love Your Feet™. In October 2008, Spenco Medical Corporation was recognized for its active efforts in implementing energy saving opportunities and received the Save Energy Now – Energy Champion Plant Award from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).