This article contains many reviews on the SpringBoost shoes. Specifically the new Springboost Women’s fitness shoes (Motion / Spirit) and their Men’s and Women’s walking shoes (SpringBoost City). These reviews have been compiled from many different sources on the internet and are presented here.

SpringBoost Motion Reviews

SpringBoost Motion - Women's Fitness Shoe

SpringBoost Motion - Women's Fitness Shoe

Reviewer: Anonymous from Delaware Beaches

Springboost’s Motion – Outstanding…can’t say enough good things about this shoe. There are simply NO negatives. Fit, comfort and performance are perfect in every way.

Reviewer: Anonymous from West Coast

Small – I know I am a size 8.5 which is the size I ordered; however, I feel that I should have gotten a size 9. They are ok and I have worn them; however, it would have been more comfortable in a 9.

Reviewer: Anonymous from North Carolina

Disappointed in this one – I have high arches and this shoe didn’t fit the bill for arch support for me. The toe box was so roomy that when I walked, it seemed to collapse on top and fold into the top of my foot. That was the main reason I returned these shoes… that would have quickly become a problem if these shoes were worn all day. The size (length) was a true fit. Might be a great shoe for someone who doesn’t require good arch support. I couldn’t give this a high rating based on my experience with the shoes and the expectations I had. I’m sure these will be the perfect shoe for someone else. I could see them working very well for someone without high arches and who requires a lot of room in the toe box.

Reviewer: Anonymous from Wisconsin

The shoes do work alternate muscles. That seems to hold true. I wear them walking. I would not recommend jogging or running in these shoes. The cushioning is not there for those activities. They are awesome for walking. They do relieve pressure from the front of the foot. I would say they run true to size, but the width may be a little more narrow than normal, just a little.

SpringBoost Spirit Reviews

Springboost Spirit

Springboost Spirit

Reviewer: Jackie from New York

I’m not sure about these yet. I bought a 1/2 size smaller but it still feels a little loose. I only tried one insole and so far ok, but for the price I thought it should be better.

Reviewer: Anonymous from Central IllinoisSpringBoost shoes with the dorsi technology relieves my plantar fasciitis problems. They are much more comfortable for me to stand in for hours at a time than regular athletic shoes. I bought the black and gold and while they look fine with long pants, for some reason they look totally dorky with shorts. I would buy a different color if I bought these again.

Reviewer: Anonymous from San Diego, California

Stylish and comfortable – I purchased the black and gold pair in a 9.5 wide, and they are both comfortable and stylish – looking a little dressier than the white. I have a wide foot with a narrow heel, and this fit perfectly. They’re also very comfortable for extended walking. And I put both inserts in simultaneously, which gave me the best support.

Reviewer: Anonymous from Colorado

SpringBoost – I think this is going to be one of the more comfortable shoes I have worn lately. It comes with two sets of inserts and I am using the 0 inserts. I am a victim of several back surgeries and every time I change shoe type, it sets my back into chaos for awhile. Eventually, it settles down.

Reviewer: Jennifer from Ohio
Great shoe! My feet are wide, so I ordered wide. Probably didn’t need to – but I’m keeping them anyway. They are really comfortable and have been holding up well for 3x per week step aerobics. I do notice my calves are much more sore – so clearly they work out the legs more than normal cross-trainers. Really good padding in the front.

Reviewer: Meredith from Long Island, NY
Nice Sneaker – I am enjoying the fit and comfort of this sneaker… I have only tried the Dorsi 0, but look forward to kicking it up a notch with the Dorsi 2. The fit is true to size. The shoe is ideal for walking or running, but is comfortable for all cross-training.

Reviewer: Lynn from Seattle, Washington
Love these shoes! These shoes are comfortable and they look good! This is my fave pair of shoes when I wear jeans and need to walk a lot. I put both pairs of the insoles in – feels super!

Reviewer: Jackie from Florida
I use this shoe on both elliptical trainer and in step class. The cushioning in the ball of the foot is good. They seem to run a little long, I had to get 1/2 size smaller than my other exercise shoes. The width seems normal. I have narrow feet and most shoes slip on my heels, but these do not slip at all. They also accommodate my “Good Feet” orthotics. But I still need an extra insole to tighten the fit. I felt funny walking in them for the first few minutes. My legs were definitely more tired after exercising for the first few days. They are now my preferred exercise shoe.

SpringBoost Walking Shoes

SpringBoost City - Men's

SpringBoost City - Men's

SpringBoost City – Men’s Walking Shoes

Best Walking Shoe I’ve Ever Worn, September 6, 2008

This is the most comfortable walking shoe I’ve ever worn.

Highly recommend it.

Be sure you know your size before you order.

Excellent shoes, October 2, 2008

Unbelivable the ergonomics of this products, it REALLY WORKS once you get used to them…

Great Shoe but not wide enough for those with wide feet., March 27, 2008

I bought this shoe for my boyfriend, who has a wide foot. I bought a size 9 W, but it still wasn’t wide enough. It was too tight throughout the top of the foot. He said that otherwise it was very comfortable. The slightly higher (2 degrees) angle was comfortable, and even gave him a little height. It’s too bad that the wides are not wide enough.

Comfortable shoes, August 19, 2008

When I got the shoes I was very impressed by the quality. Very well made shoes. The first day I wore them they did feel a little odd but not uncomfortable. Your heel sits lower than the ball of your foot. But at the end of the day my legs did not feel tired as with other walking shoes.

One more general review:

Q: “Hi everybody,

Anyone tried springboost sports footwear, are they any good or just gimmicks?”


i have a pair and they do what they say. helps running on my flat feet and geting no more pains in the sole anymore.

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