Orthopedic insoles isolated on white backgroundIf you have regular foot pain or find that walking long distances begins to hurt your knees and hips, you are a great candidate for buying orthotic insoles. Purchasing insoles can help you wear the shoes you love while making sure you are no longer in any pain from walking. This is also a great way to save money if you find you do not need orthopedic shoes. This blog is going to look at what orthotic insoles or inserts are and why you should wear them. 

What Are Orthotic Insoles?

Insoles are what you place inside your shoes in order to cut back on foot pain, as well as pain in your knees, hips, and back. You have probably seen these all around your local store when you head over to the pharmacy area, but these insoles are not always the best option for you. These are similar to regular shoes – many name brand insoles are not made with you and your comfort in mind. You may find that you have more foot pain or the same pain, instead of having zero pain. It is always wise to talk to your doctor about insoles and when you ask, you will learn that many doctors prefer orthotic insoles as an option for individuals.

How Are They Different From Regular Insoles?

Regular insoles are only meant for shock absorption and cushioning, breaking down over time because they do not address the issue at hand. These insoles are not designed to correct over-pronation, which is a painful yet common condition where our ankles are at odd angles because of high arches. Regular insoles also may provide you with arch support, but the product is made with flimsy material that breaks down quicker than it should. All orthotics, whether shoes or insoles, are made to be functional and solve the problem you are facing whether it is Plantar Fasciitis and other painful foot conditions. Orthotics will stop the pain, offer support, and shock absorption all without breaking down quickly and truly correcting the problem. 

Why Are They Important?

As stated above, they correct the problem you have rather than treating the symptoms. Being properly aligned is important for everyone and isn’t something that you will only need once you are older. People of all ages need to have proper foot alignment. Insoles help with younger individuals because many are not interested in orthopedic shoes because they are not considered “fashionable.” The good news is if inserts don’t work for you, there are plenty of wonderful and fashionable orthopedic shoes out there. 

Do I Need Them?

In short, yes. Everyone needs orthotic insoles because none of us have proper alignment. You may only need mild changes to your feet, which is provided by orthopedic insoles or you may need something specific. If this is the case, you can get custom orthotics made easily. Whatever the case may be with your feet, you do need insoles to keep pain at bay. Once you get some insoles, you will realized that you can go to the store, walk around the mall, or enjoy a theme park even more because you do not have the typical pain you associated with long walks. 

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