Heel painNo matter if you are an athlete or are simply working out, foot pain and injury can be a major problem. It can keep you from doing what you want or need to do to reach your goals, and it can cause significant problems in the future. Many times, people think of the phrase “no pain, no gain” and continue with their routine so as not to stop. However, this can be detrimental, causing further injury, setting you back significantly from your intended goal. This blog is going to look at what you can do when you have foot pain or injuries and how soon you can get back to sports or your workout routine.


Foot Pain Can be More Than Just an Ache

When you injure your foot or ankle, you might not realize it right away and believe your feet are simply hurting. This could be all that is happening, but you need to make sure you know for sure before pushing through. Assess what you were doing before the foot pain started to ascertain if the pain is more an injury than an ache. You can also do things like flexing your foot or twisting it lightly to test. If it is sensitive to typical movement, then you have an injury. Always seek medical attention to ensure what injury you have so that you can treat it correctly. If you do find out that your pain is not an injury, your shoes might be causing the pain. Make sure you are using the correct shoes for your workout and body and choose athletic orthotic shoes for the best support and comfort.


What Should You Do When You Have Foot Pain?

As we mentioned earlier, you should first seek medical care to see what your foot pain may be. From there on, your doctor can help you choose the best medical solution to heal your foot if you have an injury. Always make sure that you follow his or her directions to make sure your foot or ankle heals quickly. If you do not listen, you run the risk of further injuring your foot and causing more foot pain, hindering your progress.


In addition, if you are unable to do certain workouts because of the injury, make sure you find other workouts that you can do easily. Things such as sitting down doing weight lifting or floor routines for your core can keep you in the routine of working out without putting stress on your foot. Ask your doctor for his or her suggestions about workouts to do if you need more help. You can also get athletic orthotic shoes to help make your workouts safer and easier for your feet when you can get back into your routine.


When Can You Start Working Out Again?

When it comes to foot pain and healing, it takes time for different injuries to heal. Sometimes, you will heal quickly and be back to your routine in a matter of days to a week or two. However, if your foot pain is severe and the injury is, as well, you may have to be off of your foot for several weeks to months. You will know for sure when you go to your doctor to check what injury you may have.


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