iStock_000065658157_SmallProper foot care is one of the best ways to not only ensure that you have great foot health, but that you have great overall health as well. There are many things that you can do to keep your feet healthy, and most of them are quite easy.

This blog is going to look at just how you can take care of your feet, keeping them healthy and avoiding pain or injury. Remember; if you see anything that is strange or new with your feet, always seek medical help from a podiatrist or your primary care doctor.

5 Awesome Home Foot Health and Care Tips

When it comes to foot health, there are several things you can do to make sure your feet stay in tip-top shape. What are some of these tips? Let’s take a look! 

  1. Wash Your Feet (and Between Your Toes) Frequently

Our feet face the brunt of our hard work, and they often are faced with things such as bacteria. This is especially true if you are wearing sandals or flip flops around during the summer.

These bacteria can cause problems for your feet, which makes it imperative to wash them frequently. You will be able to get all of the germs and bacteria off of your feet while also helping to relax them after a long day of walking and working.

Remember, when you wash your feet, always make sure you wash between your toes. This is an often forgotten area, which means bacteria will continue to grow and can cause problems. 

  1. Never Soak Your Feet in Hot Water

Soaking your feet can help when it comes to relaxing them, especially if you’ve been on your feet for quite a while. However, when you soak your feet, you need to make sure you use warm water, not hot.

If you use hot water, you will dry your skin out, which can cause further problems for your foot health. If the water is too hot, add a bit of cold water to even out the temperature. 

  1. Moisturize Your Feet Properly After Washing and Soaking

After you wash your feet, you should always make sure you moisturize them well. This will help keep your skin from drying out. It can also help to keep calluses down.

Always be sure that your feet are dry from the lotion before putting on socks or shoes. And if you are diabetic, avoid putting lotion between your toes. 

  1. Wear Orthotic Shoes or Inserts for Optimal Comfort and Health

One of the best ways to ensure you have great foot health is to wear orthotic shoes or inserts. These can help bring about incredible comfort and can also help your health.

Many regular store-bought shoes are very unhealthy for your body, causing it to be out of alignment. But when you wear orthotic shoes, the alignment will be correct, and you will face little to no pain. 

  1. Pregnant Women, People with Diabetes, and Older Individuals Need Different Shoes

Our feet are all different, which means there are different methods of taking care of them. And when it comes to things such as pregnancy, diabetes, or age, foot health needs different foot care methods.

If you are pregnant, have diabetes, or are an older individual, ask your podiatrist or doctor for his or her suggestions for optimal foot care. 

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