Woman Holding Red ShoesGetting new shoes is always so exciting. You are getting shoes that you simply love or getting shoes to help your foot condition.

Whether you are buying shoes for a special occasion to workout or for a foot condition, each shoe will need to be broken in. If they aren’t, you will notice problems and possible pain.

We love giving you access to excellent new shoes, and we want to give you tips on how to break in new shoes so you can perfectly enjoy them.

5 Excellent Steps to Break in New Shoes

By following these tips, you will be able to break in new shoes and enjoy them without any pain. 

  1. Wear Your New Shoes Around Your Home

The first step to breaking in new shoes is to make sure you wear them around your home. You won’t be walking long distances, and it helps you to break in new shoes easily.

Wear them for an hour or so and then give your feet a break before putting them back on. Once you’ve done this a few times, you are ready to move on to the next step. 

  1. Wear Your New Shoes Out Grocery Shopping

You’ve worn your new shoes around your home, and now you can wear them out. However, don’t take them for a long journey just yet.

In fact, when you need to head to the grocery store, that is the perfect time to break in new shoes. This will help you walk in the shoes more without walking long distances.

Make sure to rest your feet when you get home. 

  1. Use Heat to Loosen Tight Shoes

If your shoes are tight, you can either take them to a professional to stretch them out or do something yourself from home using heat.

First, get a hair dryer and put it on low heat. Point the heat at your shoes and get them nice a toasty.

Next, put two pairs of socks on each foot and put your feet in the warm shoes. This will help stretch them out, and make them more comfortable.

Your shoes will stay stretched and looser from now on, making sure your feet are no longer hurting or tired from wearing the shoes. 

  1. Wear All New Shoes With Socks at First

Even if you feel your shoes are officially broken in, you should always make sure to wear socks with them for several days.

When you break in new shoes, you will notice that they fit tight and can cause blisters because of rubbing. A great way to avoid this is to wear good quality socks consistently – even with sandals.

Once you do, your shoes will be stretched and you will be able to wear them however you want. 

  1. Slowly Take Your New Shoes Out on Longer Journeys

Don’t jump in immediately to wearing your shoes for long periods of time. Take slow steps to make sure you don’t hurt or injure your feet.

As you make progress, you will be able to wear them longer, and eventually you will not need to take breaks from them. 

Get Excellent Orthotic Shoes to Help Your Feet

After following all of these steps, you will be able to wear your new shoes safely and comfortably from now on. You’ll be happy you took these steps, ensuring you will immensely enjoy your new pair of shoes.

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