a man checks his aching footLiving with diabetes means you will need to make several changes in order to stay healthy. Many people believe you only need to make sure your blood sugar levels are normal and that you eat healthily, but taking care of your body goes beyond those steps. This blog is going to explore diabetic shoes, their importance, why foot health is important for diabetics, and other footwear for diabetics that will promote healthy feet.


What Are Diabetic Shoes?

Diabetic shoes are specialized footwear, which help prevent skin breakdown in people with diabetes and co-existing foot problems. They also provide support for these problems and help maintain the health of your feet. Many diabetics with any problems regarding their feet will find it difficult to find shoes that fit comfortably and will need to search for shoes that will not cause damage. In many cases, doctors will request a diabetic to get proper footwear. If you are a diabetic, this is a great opportunity to get shoes custom made to fit your feet and your particular problem, ensuring that you have comfortable shoes that do not cause damage or pain to your feet.


Why Are They Important For You?

Diabetes can cause problems with your feet; this is called diabetic neuropathy. If anything damages your foot, you are at risk for losing it in order to keep the rest of your body safe. Many people with diabetic neuropathy are not aware of the security they need regarding their feet or the problems that can arise. Some important things diabetic shoesdo are keeping ulcers from forming, foot strain, and calluses. Wearing diabetic shoes can prevent someone from needing to receive an amputation, as well. In order for the diabetic shoes to work correctly, you will need to have a doctor prescribe them and have a foot impression taken by an orthotic shoe company such as the Orthotic Shop. Sometimes you may not need diabetic shoes, but insoles. We will discuss this later in the blog.


Diabetes and Foot Health

Foot health is important for all diabetics. The simplest ulcer or callus can cause significant trouble leading to harsh pain in your feet or leading to amputations because your foot is deteriorating quickly. Outside of the pancreas, your feet are the most sensitive part of your body if you have diabetes. You may manage your insulin well, but you may not be managing your feet well. Here are a few things to look for with your feet and should all be met with adequate medical care to ensure healthy feet and a healthy life:


  • Skin changes can often occur in diabetics. One of the most common changes is very dry skin. This is because the nerves that control the moisture in your feet are no longer working. Many experts suggest drying your feet off after your shower and sealing them with petroleum jelly or adequate lotion; do not put this between your toes.
  • Calluses are a real problem for diabetics and they build up quickly. The more calluses you have the more you will need orthopedic or diabetic shoes. Calluses show just how much pressure your feet are going through and too much pressure can be dangerous. If calluses are not taken care of, they will eventually breakdown and turn into open sores or ulcers. 

Other Diabetic Footwear For Healthy Feet

Outside of diabetic shoes, you can get diabetic insoles or socks to help support your feet and provide proper blood flow. Sometimes, your doctor may want you to do a combination of diabetic socks and shoes or diabetic socks and insoles to make sure your feet stay healthy. Always talk to your doctor before purchasing any diabetic footwear to ensure you get the right type for you. 


We have a wide selection of diabetic footwear here at the Orthotic Shop and we will gladly help you custom order shoes that will work best for you. Our customer service is top in the industry and we are willing to work with you as you go through the process of finding the right shoes. Please stop by, look at our selection, and purchase some great diabetic shoes today.