The CrocsRx line by Crocs is designed to be the most comfortable shoe that you will ever wear. They are made specifically for people who are on their feet all day as well as people who have poor circulation, and back or foot problems. Even if aren’t on your feet all day or experience any problems, these shoes will still provide many benefits. Many people have inquired about the differences between Crocs Rx shoes and the standard Crocs lineup. This article by The Orthotic Shop explains the differences so you can make an informed choice.

Question: Why is the Relief shoe Rx and the Professional and Endeavor not, they look similar?

Crocs Rx Relief - Black
Crocs Rx Relief shown in Black


All three shoes are very comfortable and offer the combination of a soft inner sole and a protective, smooth upper.

The Endeavor has no port holes laterally, making it ideal for certain weather conditions and laboratory requirements, but not ideal as a orthopedic shoe. The lack of breath ability in the toe area can result in heat retention and the accumulation of perspiration. A patient recovering from surgery or with other skin sensitivities would not do well to wear a shoe which retains heat and moisture, creating a potentially infectious environment. It may be noted that the lack of side portals in the shoe allows production of the Endeavor to be slightly more economical, resulting in a slightly lower price than the
other two models.

Both the Professional and Endeavor shoes have stiffer, heavier uppers which do not flex as naturally and easily as the upper on the Relief. The thin, light upper of the Relief is designed to flex naturally with
the “toe-break” of the patient without creating any pressure points or pinching creases, which are possible with the stiffer Professional and Endeavor shoes.

In addition to a stiffer, heavier upper, the Professional also incorporates larger, more prominent nubs on the inside sole. These prominent nubs, which are stimulating and soothing to healthy feet are
frequently an irritation to those suffering from painful arches, heel bruises or plantar fasciitis.

The Relief shoe features low-profile, softened nubs which provide shock absorption without irritation. This combined with the light, flexible upper, the airflow side portals and soft bottom sole make the Relief ideal for many podiatric, arthritic and post-operative conditions.

Crocs Relief for Men & Women - Khaki

CrocsRx Relief - Khaki

Question: Why is the Cloud Rx ideal for diabetic, neuropathic feet, whereas the other Crocs Retail shoes are not?


The Motion shoe has prominent, stiffer nubs in foot bed and provides no heel protection The Cayman leaves the heel and toes vulnerable to injury and has prominent nubs. The Off Road provides no heel protection. The Islander provides no toe protection and the leather upper may cause irritation

The Cloud Rx shoe by Crocs employs a combination of special features which make the shoe ideal for the diabetic foot condition. No other shoe in the Crocs line is adequate for the impairment in circulation/sensation which may occur with diabetic feet. The following is a list of the Cloud Rx features:

  • Protective toe cap protects the front of the foot and prevents toe stubbing
  • Elevated heel rim in back keeps shoe from sliding off and protects heel from bruising
  • Softened inner sole with no raised nubs provides ultimate soft cushion for foot bottom
  • Softer, more giving formulation reduces friction and prevents blistering and chaffing
  • Silver impregnation in Silver Cloud Rx creates anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and ideal wound prevention environment for feet susceptible to breakdown, ulcers or infection.

The Crocs Rx Ultimate Cloud & Relief can both be purchased online and shipped to you for free at The Orthotic Shop – CrocsRx shoes.

Crocs Rx Relief - Navy

Crocs Rx Relief is great for those with Plantar Fasciitis