Presenting Amfit’s Custom Select Insoles. They provide the most precise fit and comfort available without the expense of custom orthotic insoles. I have been wearing them for a week now and am definately a fan.  They provide the same if not better comfort than the custom orthotics that were stolen from my gym bag! Try them out for yourselves, if you don’t like them – you get your money back!  Check out the wonder features these insoles offer. 

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – 30-day Risk-Free Guarantee – Try them with confidence. If you don’t agree they give you the comfort, support, and pain relief you expect, just send them back for a full refund.
  • Optimal fit for exceptional comfort, whatever your activity.
  • Dozens of preformed insoles to ensure the best match for your feet.
  • Completely machine washable to stay clean fresh and comfortable – convenient and easy.
  • Comfort where it counts – Whatever your activity a matched interface between foot and shoe provides the long term comfort missing from the “stock” insoles that only feel good in the store.
  • Superb built-in arch support matches your own arch for complete support.
  • X-Static Silver-Fiber Anti-microbial topping – Silver is one of the most powerful yet gentle antibiotics known. The X-Static topping keeps bacterial odors to a minimum, keeping your footwear smelling fresh.
  • Space-age High-tech support shell is guaranteed to never crack. Ever.
  • Deep Heel Cup for a positive stabilizing grip – whatever your style. It deep-cushions as well as supports for exceptional control.
  • Hydrofil Moisture-wicking lining

Marketing blurb: Amfit’s custom select insoles are preformed in literally dozens of shapes. Now you have an unprecedented opportunity for exceptional fit, real foot comfort and full support in an affordable insole. Discover what real fit means! How do you end foot pain, to begin years of comfort? Through CustomSelect Insoles, discover the joy of walking again!

You can purchase from our store at and note the discount when you order more than one pair.