Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Winter is almost upon us, and, in fact, there are several places already beginning to see some snow. We all know what this means – holiday season and quite the amount of food. During the winter and holiday months, we tend to eat more and then feel guilty about it. Because of this, it is a good idea to keep working out in the winter to burn off those calories. Some people would prefer running instead of working out at the gym or their home, which is why it is a good idea to learn about winter running. That’s right! You can still run during the winter. Let’s take a look at the top tips for winter running and how you can keep in shape in the cold.


  1. Keep Yourself Motivated To Run

You need to keep your motivation high when it comes to winter running. Nothing is easier than staying home in your warm flannel pajamas with a mug of tea or hot cocoa, but that isn’t going to help you keep yourself healthy as the holidays start. A great way to stay motivated is to find a partner to run with you and meet up at a certain time throughout the week. Keep a great schedule and make sure you both encourage each other. You can also find various apps that will give you rewards for running no matter what. 

  1. Wear The Proper Shoes

When you run, you should always make sure you are wearing the proper shoes. This is true whether you are participating in winter running or running throughout the warmer months. You can find great winter running, you should look for ones that do not have a lot of mesh as that can let water in. 

  1. Make Sure You Are Dressed Properly

Winter running means you will need to be warm, but you need to make sure you are not too bundled up. This could cause you to overheat and then get a chill, which will lead to getting sick. The general rule is dressing as if it is about twenty degrees warmer than it really is because your body will heat up as you run. If you do find that it is too cold for what you are wearing, return home and put on another layer. 

  1. Always Make Sure You Can Be Seen

One thing that everyone knows about winter is that the days are shorter, and the light leaves quickly. Because of this, when you are participating in winter running, you need to make sure you can be seen. Wear bright colors and reflectors so that people can see you in low light and if it gets completely dark while you are still running. 

  1. Do Warm Up Exercises Before Your Run

Always warm up your muscles before you start running. This is important for any run you do, but especially for winter running. This can help you elevate your body temperature more before you start running to help keep you from getting too cold at the beginning of your run. It will also ensure that your muscles do not become too cold, therefore having a greater chance of injury. Do stretches, and various small cardio moves to warm up your muscles before winter running. 

  1. Remember This Is About Maintenance Not Speed

When you run in the winter, you need to remember that this is mainly to keep yourself running and staying healthy, not speed. When it starts to warm up, you can begin working towards increasing your runtime, but when winter running, you should make sure you go at a slow, steady pace. This will keep you safer when running in the snow that can easily become slippery or if you run over a small patch of ice.

Winter running is possible and something you should consider doing. Always remember to avoid running on very icy roads or sidewalks, and change immediately after your run. If you are looking for great orthotic running shoes, then The Orthotic Shop is the place for you! Check out all that we have to offer and find the perfect winter running shoes for you.