Orthaheel Sandals & Flip Flops are known for their orthotic arch support, deep heel cup, and flexibility. All three of those characteristics combine to create a sandal that alleviates any type of plantar fasciitis arch pain plus properly aligns your feet to your body to reduce the probability of developing any type of foot problem.

For 2012, Orthaheel produced some great new styles that will not only make your feet happy from the extra comfort, but will make your eyes grateful that you are wear stylish footwear!  Gone are the days that comfortable, supportive footwear lack style. The new Orthaheel 2012 styles shown below have great style and functional benefits.

Orthaheel Sandals provide Arch Support & Proper Alignment

Orthaheel Aurora – Medium (B) Width
Orthaheel Aurora - Women's Orthotic Flip Flops - Free Shipping$74.95 – Nice metal / laser cut details
Orthaheel Carla – Medium (B) Width
Orthaheel Carla - Women's Orthotic Flip Flops - Free Shipping$74.95 – nice faux jewel design
Orthaheel Cascade – Medium-Wide (B-C) Width
Orthaheel Cascade - Women's Sport Flip Flops - Free ShippingSport Flip Flops – Extra Cushioned, Very comfy
Orthaheel Cecilia – Medium (B) Width
Orthaheel Cecilia - Orthotic Sandals - Made in Spain$109.95 – Made in Spain – Leather
Orthaheel Layla – Medium-Wide (B-C) Width
Orthaheel Layla - Orthotic Slide Sandals - Free Shipping$74.95 – Adjustable Slide Sandals – Great design.
Orthaheel Lola – Medium (B) Width
Orthaheel Lola - Orthotic Flip Flops for Women$74.95 – two-tone metal trim adds glamor.
Orthaheel Louisa – Medium (B) Width
Orthaheel Louisa - Heel Strap Orthotic Sandals$109.95 – Made in Spain – Leather
Orthaheel Porto II – Medium (B) Width
Orthaheel Porto II - Orthotic Adjustable Sandals - Free Shipping$74.95 – Adjustable Strap Sandals – Awesome fit.
Orthaheel Talia – Medium-Wide (B-C) WidthOrthaheel Talia - Women's Orthotic Sandals$74.95 – Toe Post with Nice Flower Design
Orthaheel Yasmin – Medium (B) Width –Orthaheel Yasmin - Orthotic Sandals - Heel Strap - Free Shipping$79.95 – Adjustable Strap Sandal

Benefits of Orthaheel Footwear

  • Alleviate Heel Pain / Arch Pain often associated with Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Control moderate to excessive pronation.
  • Use as a supplement to traditional orthotic treatment.
  • Invented by leading Australian Podiatrist (Phillip Vasyli) the sandal features Othaheels built-in & lightweight EVA biomechanical orthotic footbed that supports your feet and helps realign the lower legs; improving posture & balance.

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