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New Spenco Sandals for 2011

Spenco created three new styles for 2011. The Fusion & Kholo slides and the Yumi Flip Flops. Spenco Polysorb Total Support Sandals alleviate heel & arch pain by providing orthotic support.

Spenco® PolySorb® Total Support Sandals combine the support and stability of Spenco’s best-selling total support insole with the comfort and simplicity of a slip-on or flip-flop sandal. The Spenco Sandals are great for after sports or training or just kicking back indoors or out. Unlike some other sandals, Spenco® Sandals are designed with orthotic-quality arch and heel support. Superior impact cushioning and motion control help reduce pronation and supination—common problems associated with flat, slab-style sandals. Available in a range of sizes for men and women, and three styles, shown below.

Spenco Fusion – Slide Arch Support Sandals

Spenco Fusion – Men’s Sandal – Black/Cobalt

Spenco Fusion - Men's Sandal - Black/Cobalt

Spenco Fusion – Men’s Sandal – Black/Ash

Spenco Fusion - Men's Sandal - Black/Ash

Spenco Fusion – Men’s Sandal – Camo

Spenco Fusion - Men's Sandal - Camo

Spenco Fusion – Women’s Sandal – Black/Pink

Spenco Fusion - Women's Sandal - Black/Pink

Spenco Fusion – Women’s Sandal – Black/Purple

Spenco Fusion - Women's Sandal - Black/Purple

Spenco Kholo – Slip-on Total Support Sandals

Spenco Kholo – Men’s Support Sandal – Black

Spenco Kholo - Men's Support Sandal - Black

Spenco Kholo – Men’s Support Sandal – Khaki

Spenco Kholo - Men's Support Sandal - Khaki

Spenco Kholo – Women’s Slide – Caramel/Coffee

Spenco Kholo - Women's Slide - Caramel/Coffee

Spenco Kholo – Women’s Slide – Grey/Pink

Spenco Kholo - Women's Slide - Grey/Pink

Spenco Kholo – Women’s Slide – Grey/Purple

Spenco Kholo - Women's Slide - Grey/Purple

Spenco Kholo – Women’s Support Slide – Black

Spenco Kholo - Women's Support Slide - Black

Spenco Yumi – Flip Flop Supportive Sandals

Spenco Yumi – Men’s Orthotic Sandal – Black

Spenco Yumi - Men's Orthotic Sandal - Black

Spenco Yumi – Men’s Orthotic Sandal – Khaki

Spenco Yumi - Men's Orthotic Sandal - Khaki

Spenco Yumi – Women’s Arch Support Sandal – Black

Spenco Yumi - Women's Arch Support Sandal - Black

Spenco Yumi – Women’s Grey/Purple

Spenco Yumi - Women's Grey/Purple

Spenco Yumi – Women’s Sandal – Caramel/Coffee

Spenco Yumi - Women's Sandal - Caramel/Coffee

Spenco Yumi – Women’s Sandal – Grey/Pink

Spenco Yumi - Women's Sandal - Grey/Pink

Features of the Spenco Total Support Sandals

  • Total Support stability and comfort, in a slip on sandal.
  • Total Support Cushioning System absorbs shock and helps prevent over-pronation
    Orthotic Arch Support and deep heel cupping promotes stability, alignment and motion control.
  • Metatarsal Padded Arch Support offloads pressure from the ball of foot to help relieve forefoot pain.

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Aetrex BodyWorks - Men's Collection

New Aetrex Collections for 2011

Aetrex Shoes claims they make the healthiest shoes you will ever wear! With such a claim you would want them for every occasion. In 2011, Aetrex has many new styles including two collections: BodyWorks and Essence Heels to help fill that need.

Aetrex BodyWorks Toning Shoes

The series of men’s and women’s styles feature a rocker outsole designed to transfer pressure from the rear and forefoot to the mid-foot, thereby reducing pressure in those areas that absorb the most pounding. For added comfort, there’s a cushioned EVA midsole, and Aetrex’s removable Mozaic footbed. When Aetrex sought out to design the BodyWorks Toning Shoes Collection for Women, they assembled a team of  fitness experts, pedorthists & doctors to create the ultimate footwear for your health and wellness. A “toning shoe” that would genuinely transfer pressure and stress away from your feet towards areas of your body that benefit from stimulation: your calves, hamstrings, glutes (butt).

Aetrex BodyWorks Collection for Men

Aetrex BodyWorks - Men's Collection

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Aetrex BodyWorks Collection for Women

Aetrex Bodyworks Women's Collection

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Aetrex Essence Heels

Aetrex took their experience with their Lynco Orthotic Insoles and applied it to their new line of stylish comfort heels.  Now women won’t need to sacrifice comfort for looks!  These new heels will surely please a woman’s foot. In case you are new the world of Lynco Orthotics, they are recommended by doctors and pedorthists worldwide, Lynco is recognized as the #1 orthotic system on the market today.  Millions of pairs have been sold to consumers seeking the quality and support of custom-made orthotics at an over-the-counter price.

Aetrex Essence Heels

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