Aetrex’s new line of Sandalistas will sure please women who rely on custom made orthotics for foot comfort. The new line of sandals features removable footbeds (insoles) that allow the use of custom or prefabricated orthotics such as the Lynco orthotics. Use of custom insoles is not required with these sandals because Aetrex included innovative comfort technologies built-in to the sandals.

Out of the box and onto your feet, you will notice a soothing memory foam top-cover over the built-in Lynco support and if you desire more comfort, the sandals feature Aetrex’s Mozaicâ„¢ Customization Technology. With Mozaic Customization Technology you can quickly customize the fit to each foot to provide the ultimate footwear experience.

How Mozaic Customization works

1. Identify the areas of your feet that experience the most pressure or discomfort.
2. Peel away the Mozaic squares at these areas.

3. Replace the existing undersole layer with your customized Mozaic insoles.

After customizing your Aetrex footwear you will immediately feel the difference. You will notice that pressure has been relieved and you will experience foot comfort at a whole new level.

Sandalista Styles

There are currently four styles of Aetrex Sandalistas.

The Amalie

Aetrex Amalie - Double Strap Sandalistas - Black - WomensAetrex Amalie - Double Strap Sandalistas - Ivory - WomensAetrex Amalie - Double Strap Sandalistas - Moss - Womens

The Aetrex Amalie features a double strap closure system that are strategically placed for comfort & support.

The Mandehle

Aetrex Mandehle - Quarter Strap Sandalistas - Black - WomensAetrex Mandehle - Quarter Strap Sandalistas - Brown - WomensAetrex Mandehle - Quarter Strap Sandalistas - Ivory - Womens

The Aetrex Mandehle features adjustable quarter straps for optimum fit and attractive buckle accents.

The Montserrat
Aetrex Montserrat - Thong Sandalistas - Black - WomensAetrex Montserrat - Thong Sandalistas - Fog Grey - WomensAetrex Montserrat - Thong Sandalistas - Pumpkin Nubuck - Womens

The Aetrex Montserrat is a flip-flop style that has a comfortable throng post construction. This is currently the only flip flop on the market (that we are aware of) featuring removable insoles.

The Saona
Aetrex Saona - Gladiator Sandalistas - Black - WomensAetrex Saona - Gladiator Sandalistas - Brown - WomensAetrex Saona - Gladiator Sandalistas - Chili Pepper - Womens

The Aetrex Saona is a gladiator style sandal that provides maximum upper coverage and stylish rivet accents.

Where to Purchase

Click any of the Sandalista pictures or links above to purchase this exciting new sandal made by Aetrex. The Orthotic Shop offers free shipping on the new Sandalistas. The Orthotic Shop provides you with the foundation you deserve for all day comfort!

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