I was given the following article in Hapwise magazine summer of 2008 – it is a periodical delivered to all HAP members. Below is the article and afterwards I will present some excellent summer choices for your feet.

—-begin article

Ask your child to put shoes on this summer and odds are they’ll reach for either Crocs or flip-flops. Which choice is better for your child’s feet or your feet?  If you ask Edmund J. Kowalchick, D.P.M., Podiatrist, there’s no flip-flopping on the issue. “Crocs are better than flip-flops”, he says, without hesitation. “Flip-flops leave the toes exposed and feet can easily be injured. They are flat, with no arch support, which puts more strain on the tendons and muscles. The heels tend to be low, putting added strain on the calf muscles. Walking in flip-flops all day can cause tendonitis. They’re good for use in community showers to avoid infections but for day-to-day use, Crocs are preferable.

Dr. Kowalchick, whose own children spend most of the summer in Crocs, notes that they are good shoes to wear for extended lengths of time. “They have built-in arch support, the toes are enclosed and the brand-name Crocs are made out of antimicrobial material, so the feet are less likely to develop a fungal infection. They’re great to wear by the pool in the summertime,  because they dry out well, and if they fall in the water, they’ll float.

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