Finding the right flip flops for your summer footwear collection or to take on vacation can be challenging. We recently took a couple of pairs of flip flops with us when we went on vacation to Key West. This article describes how the arch support provided in the flip flops gave our feet a vacation as well. A vacation from arch pain! The first day I tried out the Moszkito Repellent Arch Support sandal, shown below:

Moszkito Arch Support Sandal - Repellent

The day involved much sight seeing, walking from one end of Duval Street to the other, finally stopping at Malory Square to catch the street performers and the amazing sunset. During the evening we stopped in at Sloppy Joe’s, one of the famous water holes in town, to sip on a few drinks. Well, time just seems to fly at that place because we didn’t end up back at the hotel until after midnight!

Waking up the next morning, my wife who was wearing normal sandals, noted how her feet hurt, especially near the heel area. I got up and walked around the room to see how my feet were. Perfect! There was no problem with them what so ever. She then decided that she wanted to wear the Moszkito Archy sandals shown below:

After wearing them for the rest of the vacation, she noted that her feet felt much better and we did a ton more walking too. Give your feet a permanent vacation, without the bulky extra depth shoes, by wearing the Moszkito line of Arch Support Sandals and Flip Flops.

The Moszkito Arch Support Sandals can be purchased from the Orthotic Shop. Please remember to use the coupon code “moszkito” to get $5 off each pair of sandals on the order.