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SpringBoost Shoes Overview

SpringBoost has introduced a new concept in athletic footwear technology that enhances performance, improves sports training and facilitates health and wellness by improving posture and body alignment.

This new concept involves placing the foot in dorsiflexion position. Biomechanical experts have uncovered the effects of the foot inclination on performance, training and health and have demonstrated positive results when the foot is placed in dorsiflexion position.

Studies have shown that the condition of dorsiflexion provides for an increase of energy storage, increased muscle fiber recruitment and an optimal muscle fiber pennation angle leading to improved power during calf muscles exercises, running and jumping activities.

Other studies that analyzed the effects of foot inclination on health, showed that the dorsiflexion can enhance the posture and the venous return.

Dorsiflexion is not a new concept. It has been used for years by medical specialists (physiotherapists, diabetic and incontinence specialists) and by athletes. Looking at the pictures below you can see how SpringBoost shoes improve posture.

Posture when wearing standard shoesImproved Posture with SpringBoost shoes

Dorsiflexion has its uses in the fitness, training and in medical fields:

It is used during rehabilitation to stretch and stimulate the calf muscles. The stretching and the greater amplitude from dorsiflexion are able to increase the effect of work.

Dorsiflexion is applied to foot ulcer treatment by stimulating the skeletal muscle pump and thereby increasing venous return.

With combined pelvic floor muscle training for stress urinary incontinence. Standing in a dorsiflexion position facilitates pelvic floor muscle activity which has correlated with strengthened abdominal activity.

Dorsiflexion is also used in training to stretch and stimulate the calf muscles and to increase the performance on height jump and linear speed. See the image below for a visual representation of Dorsiflexion Benefits:

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From Science to Technology to Sport
SpringBoost was formed from the collective efforts of a number of sport passionate and entrepreneurial individuals who came together to develop a high performance athletic footwear technology and brand. The footwear technology Springboost developed allows one to jump higher, run faster while using less energy.

After five years of intensive research in biomechanics and field testing, initiated by Behrouz Bayat and continued by Dr. Jörg Fuchslocher, it became clear that using new biomechanical principals one could positively affect performance in sports and in training.

In the summer of 2003, a footwear industry veteran, Andrew Silvestri, who played a key role in the build up of Reebok was contacted. He was soon convinced about the opportunity to develop a technology platform representing a major breakthrough in the athletic footwear industry. Andrew Silvestri became one of SpringBoost’s lead investors, moved to Switzerland and joined as founding Chairman and CEO.

In early 2005, SpringBoost launched its first line of footwear solutions for the fitness market under the name B-Fit. Simultaneously the company developed footwear lines for other sport categories. Since September 2005 B-Fit for men and the volleyball shoe B-Spike are available. In the beginning of 2006 SpringBoost presented for the first time footwear for walking, Nordic walking and performance training. Further models will be coming soon.

SpringBoost is out to train the world, to enhance performance and pleasure to all the sport enthusiasts who have a passion for what they do, for those striving to bring out the best in themselves while improving their well-being, health and vigor.

From the slide show below you can see that SpringBoost’s Dorsiflexion Technology™ is composed of four elements that are tailored to the needs of each sport: Dorsiflexion position, rolling action, Energy Plate™ and U-Control Insole System ™.

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Visual Representation of the Energy plate:

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