Update: We have a new winner that takes the title of the most comfortable Flip Flops!

Orthaheel and Dr. Weil Orthotic Sandals properly align your feet with the rest of your body.  The result is all day comfort from a stylish flip flop or slide sandal. The combination of fresh styles and orthotic technology make these the most comfortable flip flop / sandals around!

Orthaheel Orthotic Sandals & Insoles properly aligns the lower limbs

Orthaheel Footwear Products were designed by Podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, who has succesffully treated thousands of patients suffering from heel pain, knee pain, back pain, and aching legs. Through his experience the Orthaheel product line was formed.

Below are some of the previous Orthaheel Women’s Sandals:

One of orthaheel’s most comfortable flip flops:
Orthaheel - Lisa - Black - orthotic sandals
Orthaheel – Porto – Metallic – Adjustable Orthotic Sandals
Orthaheel - Porto - Metallic - Adjustable Orthotic Sandals


Old Update: 1/13/2009:

With Bite biting the dust after getting acquired by Crocs we have found a new flip-flop supplier, Moszkito! Moszkito makes a wide assortment of flip flops that have built-in arch support. These are great for wearing outside on warm sunny days, great for walking around on vacations and are wonderful around the house, especially if you have hard floors.

Women's Archy Sandal Moszkito's most comfortable flip flops

Please view the whole lineup of Moszkito flip flops – we are constantly adding new styles so be sure to check back!


With summer approaching I’d like to introduce the Bite Spirit OS and Bite Mako flip-flops. These flip flops feature removable insoles which allow you to wear your custom orthotics in them. Even without custom orthotics, the included OS1 footbed provides exceptional comfort and support. If you try them out and don’t agree with my statement, they are backed by Bite’s 45-day comfort guarantee, simply send them back for a refund!

If you are an avid flip-flop wearer, you must get these! Take foot health and comfort with you everywhere. There’s no longer any reason for foot pain. Many colors available to suit your style, please look at the following pictures and check the links below if you are interested in getting a pair.

Picture of Men’s Mako Flip Flop:

You can purchase the men’s flip flop by Bite here:


Picture of the Women’s Spirit OS flip flop:

A bonus feature with these flip-flops, illustrated in the picture below, is the adjustable straps to help reduce the flop and ensure a snug fit.

Many People have asked how the removable insole’s work with these flip flops. The pictures below illustrate how you would swap in your custom orthotics:

Bite Flip Flop Stock Insole Removal:

Another shot of the stock insole removal:

Bite Flip Flops have an adjustable throng post, undoing it allows you to remove the insole and use custom orthotics:

With the insole removed, simply place a slit in your orthotics and feed the post through them to use with the flip-flops: