The Orthotic Shop offers Bite Footwear’s line of Orthosport shoes and sandals.  The Orthosport line of footwear includes sandals, golf shoes, and everyday shoes that feature removable insoles making room for your orthotics.  The following image illustrates the Bite Xtension2 OS running sandal with orthotics.  

Bite Xtension2 OS Sandals with Orthotics Picture

The Orthotic is in the sandal on the Left and, without in the center and the bottom of the Orthotic is shown on the right.

There are many styles of Bite’s orthosport shoes and sandals available so whether you are walking, running, golfing, boating, or just relaxing, you will find an accommodating style!

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About Bite:

Founded in 1996 and currently based in Redmond, Wash., Bite Footwear designed and introduced the first golf sandal, revolutionizing the golf shoe industry. Combined with oversized outsoles, high sidewall mudguards, cushioned midsoles, and wider toe boxes, Bite has developed a diverse line including golf, outdoor, and fly-fishing footwear and in 2003 launched a new running sandal and sport-specific sandal that accommodates orthotics. Bite’s cross-functional footwear focuses on comfort, style, fit, and durability and has earned Bite a place among the world’s top golf shoe manufacturers.