Finding The Right Fit

Finding The Right Orthotic Fit

Finding The Right Fit

At Orthotic Shop, we sell shoes designed to help you get comfortably through your day. We make it easy for customers to find footwear that matches their unique comfort and style needs. When we first launched the website, we featured only a few brands but now we’re proud to find solutions from dozens of brands.

Finding a shoe you’ll love comes down to personal taste, but not that you found something that looks great, it’s time to make sure it feels great too.


Choose Your Desired Level Of Comfort

Companies like giving their supportive insoles branded names, like Vionic’s “Orthaheel®” footbed. Each company offers a slightly different approach to how they want to help your feet, but in general, orthotic options come in two forms: Cushioning and support.



If you’re looking for something soft, or to help you deal with diabetes and other circulation conditions, Choose extra thick insole that molds around your feet. Using Memory Foam or other advanced materials, this padding protects your foot from the impact of walking without applying pressure to your skin where it could potentially limit circulation.

The cushioning also helps If you have bunions, hammertoe, or another condition that makes your feet sensitive to pain since it acts as a buffer between your toes and the rest of the shoe.



A flat sole, even one with plenty of cushioning, isn’t the ideal choice for anyone who has to spend a lot of time on their feet. From runners to nurses and other professionals, having support on hard surfaces like asphalt and tile is an important part of effectively getting what you need to do accomplished.

Supporting your arches, this type of insole helps distribute the pressure from walking evenly across your foot and helps to align your ankle and lower back. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you’ll want something that offers support, and not just a softer spot for your feet.


Choose How Your Get that Support

Once you know the type of insole you’re looking for, you’ll want to find the best way to get that support. Of course, we make sure that everything in our store is comfortable, but some jobs or conditions may require a special orthopedics.


Sticking with Built-In Support

orthaheel-womens-walker-pinkSince we only sell shoes that are great for your feet, most of the pairs we offer come with some form of orthopedic support built in. This makes them feel better than most off-the-shelf brands. In most shoes, the insole is little more than a bit of soft material that separates your foot from the sole of your shoe and gives little in the way of comfort. If a shoe is designed to support your feet, however, that means that the company that made them put a little more thought into what you had to rest your foot on.

For many customers, this is all they’re looking for. If you’re just looking for something better than what you can find in stores, chances are you’ll love any shoe you choose from our collection.



Orthopedic Insoles

spenco-walker-runner-insolesIf you already have your favorite pair of shoes, orthotic inserts can help make even generic footwear more comfortable. Companies like Vionic offer slip-in support for most shoe types and for many common conditions.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, or you prefer to keep physically active, sometimes the support that’s built-into even our orthopedic shoes isn’t enough. This is where specialized insoles can come in handy.

Shoe insoles typically have to follow a “one size fits most” design. This means that, while they’re perfectly fine for most customers, they can’t help people who have specific needs, such as nurses, salespeople, and runners.

Since you’re buying these inserts separately, the manufacturer can offer you a range of options, not just the one that most customers will rate as “good enough.” From greater arch support to deeper cushioning, our insole collection will help you customize the feel of any shoe.


Custom-Built Insoles

Custom OrthoticsIf you have a foot condition that makes most shoes uncomfortable, or if you want to have your footwear fit as perfectly as possible, custom orthotics might be the solution you’re looking for. When you order a kit from one of our suppliers, you get a box in the mail with instructions on how to make a mold of your feet.

Once you send the mold back to their factory, they’ll use it to design an insert that uniquely supports your feet. Because of their price, this option isn’t for everyone, but there’s simply no alternative if you want to get the most comfortable fit possible.



Keep Your Feet Supported And Happy

Finding the perfect fit isn’t easy, but it’s important. Keeping your feet healthy and fatigue free is a foundational step in living a happier life. By taking the time to find the right support for your arches, you’ll find that you’ll end your day with more energy and you won’t dread slipping back into your shoes the next morning.

At Orthotic Shop, we believe that one of the first steps to living well is to make sure that steps you make during the day are comfortable ones. Now that you have a better idea of the support you’re looking for, check out our full collection and find something that will fit your lifestyle.