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Founded in 2005, Archmolds has since become one of the top designers and producers of heat moldable insoles in the health and wellness industry. Just throw the insert in the oven and conform it to the shape of your foot (more detailed instructions are included). This innovative method is guaranteed to fit your foot perfectly. Don't worry; we promise it's completely safe for your feet and home.

Orthotic Shop carries Archmolds in several different styles to ensure the best fit: thin, maximum, standard and ultimate; choose according to your health needs! Additionally, unlike many other heated shoe insoles, these are lined with a layer of Nano Silver top-cover lining, which limits undesirable odors caused by bacteria. Your feet will thank you when you step into a pair of shoes fitted with an Archmold Heated Insole from Orthotic Shop! Treat your flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis and more with these elite podiatric products.


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Since 2005, Archmold quickly developed a name for itself as a leader in the producing heat-molded inserts. Treat your Plantar Fasciitis or promote good posture with one of the form-fitting inserts, offered in a variety of styles to match any shoe type or activity. Constructed of high quality synthetic materials, each Arch Mold features a deep, supportive heel and an orthotic-grade arch support. Give new life to your favorite sneakers, or give that fashionable dress shoe the control and support you need. Find out why so many other customers call Archmold’s the best insoles for flat feet by ordering a pair today!