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ALINE Foot Suspension System

We revolutionized the way people move.

ALINE products work with your body to naturally align your lower extremities. This help you move better. Competitors look at the bottom of the foot and focus on making a product based on shape. ALINE pioneered looking at total body alignment focusing on correctly positioning lower back, hips, knees and ankles.

ALINE Provides a new class of technology engineered for the active consumer. The ALINE Foot suspension system is designed to harmonize body alignment, resulting in optimized performance and redefined comfort.

The average person walks nearly 2,000,000 steps per year. The alignment of your body is critical everyday, not just when you are trying to perform at your optimum level. ALINE’s foot suspension technology helps you achieve proper bio-mechanics or movement patterns, that are critical to your sport and health. If not properly supported and aligned, the foot can force the ankles, knees, hips and back to move incorrectly reducing bio-mechanic efficiency and lead to movement based injuries.

Founded in 2005, our team began evaluating people walking, running, and their daily life. We saw how poorly many people moved, and how these patterns were causing them to become injured and lose performance. We decided to take on the big companies and change an industry. Our team has evaluated over 100,000 active people and worked with hundreds of medical professionals to develop expertise in human movement unmatched in the industry. ALINEs products have won over 15 Olympic Medals, 12 Tour Events, 100 X Games Medals and much more, but our greatest accomplishment is keeping you moving and doing the activities you love.

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Active Tech Gel in the heel absorbs shock with every step for all day comfort Patented Suspension Zones Naturally align your lower body improving balance Dynamic Ribs absorb, transmit and reflect energy for more power. Durable smooth top sheet which is non absorbent and easy to clean.