Hammertoes are one of several types of toe deformities. Hammertoes have a permanent sideways bend in your middle toe)'joint. The resulting deformity can be aggravated by tight shoes and usually results in pain over the prominent bony areas on the top of the toe and at the end of the toe. A hard corn may develop over this prominence. Treatment usually involves a shoe to better accommodate your deformed toe. Shoe inserts or pads also may help. If, after trying these treatments, you still are having marked difficulty, surgical treatment to straighten the toe or remove the prominent area of bone may be necessary.


  • In appropriate shoes.
  • Flat feet can result in hammer toes.
  • High arched feet can also result in buckling toes.
  • A major cause is in hereditary (family), all the toe conditions mentioned could be acquired due in hereditary factors.
  • Bunions are a major cause of hammer toes.
  • Claw toes are usually the result of poor fitting footwear. For many people, the
  • second toe is actually longer than the great toe, and if shoes are sized to fit the great toe, the second (and maybe even the third toe) will have to bend to fit into the shoe.
  • Shoes that are pointed make matters even worse. Combine pointed shoes with high heels; the foot is under similar pressure as if it was constantly being pushed downhill into a wall. Rheumatoid arthritis can also lead to bunions, which in turn can lead to hammer toes.
  • Purchase wide fitted, low heeled shoes, running shoes are ideal.
  • Make sure that stockings, tights and socks are not too constrictive.
  • Non-medicated pads may relieve pressure away from corns and hard skin.
  • Applying an appropriate moisturizing cream will help to keep the skin soft.
  • Purchase high quality silicone products such as the silicone toe prop to cure this condition. A silicone toe prop will prevent the toe from contracting any further.

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