CALMING Clear Top Coat
CALMING Clear Top Coat BASIC Base Coat GRATEFUL Grape YOUTHFUL Yellow HOPEFUL Hot Pink NOBLE Navy GLEE Gold NURTURE Nude Pink BOLD Baby Blue TRANQUIL Tangerine HEALING Heather Grey REVIVE Ruby Red DEFENSE Deep Red RESCUE Red PURITY Pink (Sheer) BALANCE Brick Red POSITIVE Pastel Pink RELAXING Rose CLARITY Coral WHISPER White PASSION Purple FOCUS Fuschia PEACEFUL Pink Coral MELLOW Mauve TENDER Terracotta SOOTHING Slate GIVING Garnett SINCERE Snow SUBTLE Sunshine COZY Cafe PRECIOUS Pink REMEDY Red PLAYFUL Pink LOVEABLE Lavender Video for Dr.'s Remedy Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Free Shipping on Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish. All colors to choose from. Non-toxic formula strengthens your nails and helps promote healthy-looking nails; free from discoloration. Quantity Discounts: Purchase 2 bottles of Nail Polish for $28.90 ($14.45 each). 3 bottles for $40.5 ($13.5 each). Anything over 3 bottles will be priced at $13.5/bottle.

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Dr.'s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish is available in a full rainbow of shades. Dr.'s REMEDY polish is enriched with vitamins, protein, and naturally occurring ingredients to promote healthier looking nails. The natural ingredients include garlic and tea tree oil keeps nails looking top-notch.

Use the colors in conjunction with BASIC base coat and Calming Clear top coat for a long lasting manicure or pedicure. When applied as recommended, lasts 5-7 days.

Features and Benefits of Dr.'s Remedy Non-toxic Nail Polish:
  • UNIQUELY ENRICHED with ingredients, such as tea tree oil and garlic bulb extract, which are naturally occurring ingredients that promote healthy looking nails.
    • Tea Tree Oil: an essential oil obtained from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifornia, which is found to have great healing properties.
    • Garlic Bulb Extract: contains Allicin, which is a natural substitute for penicillin.
    • Vitamin C is also in the formula.
    • Wheat Protein: a vegetable derived, high quality protein which contains moisture binding capabilities and naturally increases shine.
  • Formulated free from THE BIG 3. Does NOT contain: formaldehyde, toluene and DBP, commonly found in commercial nail polishes.
  • Appealing to women with discolored nails, pregnant women, or parents looking for better alternatives for their children.
  • Allergen friendly for those sensitive to chemicals in commercial nail polish.
  • Enriched means a stronger, healthier looking nail, which is appealing to everyone.
  • The first and only nail polish to receive the Seal of Approval by the American Podiatric Medical Association. It’s now, recommended by doctors everywhere because of its enriched formula and lack of harsh chemicals.
  • Made with Organic Ingredients.
  • Vegan.

Colors: CALMING Clear Top Coat, BASIC Base Coat, GRATEFUL Grape, YOUTHFUL Yellow, HOPEFUL Hot Pink, NOBLE Navy, ESSENTIAL Emerald Green, GLEE Gold, NURTURE Nude Pink, BOLD Baby Blue, TRANQUIL Tangerine, LOVELY Lavender, HEALING Heather Grey, REVIVE Ruby Red, DESIRE Dark Brown, DEFENSE Deep Red, RESCUE Red, PURITY Pink (Sheer), BALANCE Brick Red, POSITIVE Pastel Pink, RELAXING Rose, CLARITY Coral, WHISPER White, PASSION Purple, FOCUS Fuschia, PEACEFUL Pink Coral, BLISSFUL Bronze, MELLOW Mauve, LIVELY Lilac, TENDER Terracotta, SOOTHING Slate, GIVING Garnett, SINCERE Snow, SUBTLE Sunshine, DESERVING Diamond
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Dr.'s Remedy Non-Toxic Nail Polish by Dr.'s Remedy

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